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Please use Firefox 47.0 or higher

Firefox. Install now!
1. Click Unity Plugin Icon Above
2. Click to Allow Unity Player Plugin.
It May Then Take Up To 20 seconds For The Plugin To Be Loaded
1. Click Camera Icon Above
2. "Always Share" Devices

This test may take a maximum of 8 minutes to complete.

Error Case ID #

Some part of your system is unable to successfully run Mursion technology at this time and needs to be addressed prior to starting a session. Information on this test and the results have been sent to Mursion Technical Support.

If you are verifying your system before session, please call Tech Support immediately at the number below for assistance troubleshooting. Provide the “Case ID#” as shown on the top of this screen. If you do not currently have a session scheduled please contact Mursion Technical Support between 8am EST - 6pm PST, or email at


You are welcome to adjust the configuration of your system and re-run the test.

Verifying... Pass Fail